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Educational School Outings

We offer educational school tours, allowing the children who visit our farm to be exposed to farm life and food production, specifically raspberries. Groups as big as 100 children per tour can enjoy a fun farm experience. We take bookings for school outings between January and March (Tuesdays and Wednesdays only). 

The tour includes:

🌱 An educational video of the farm, berry growing processes, and jam-making.
🌱 Picking fresh raspberries into 200g punnets.
🌱 A Tour of the industrial huge farm-size fridges and freezers.
🌱 Enjoying their lunch and playing on the farm.

Optional extras: berry juice and little jars of raspberry jam to order.

Interested in booking a school tour?

send us an email

General Tour Information

There is a minimum of 30 people and a maximum of 100 children per tour. Depending on the number of students we might have more than one school at a time.

We do not offer catering, the students lunch must please be arranged beforehand by the school.

We are open for  school tours bookings between January and March (Tuesdays and Wednesdays only).

Book now for 2024!

In addition to the tour activities we also have a jungle gym, obstacle course and a bicycle track (remember to bring your bikes & helmets).

The cost per child and accompanying adults is R70 each.

Guests in wheelchairs kindly note that our facilities are wheelchair friendly however, there are no pathways in the berry field making it challenging to move freely in the berry fields.

Interested in booking a school tour?

send us an email

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